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d trade activities. While seizing the opportuniti??es of industrial digitization and digital industrialization, China also needs t??o expedite the constrO

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uction of "new infrastructure" projects such as 5G network??s and data centers, and deploy strategic emerging sectors and industries of the?? future including digital econom1

y, life health services and new materials, he s??aid. Xi also stressed the importance of expanding reform of important areas and?? key links. Efforts must be made to improve the mechanism for major epidemic pr??evention and control and the public health emergency response and management sy??stem, said Xi, stressing carrying out extensive patriotic health campaigns. He ??called for putting in place sound systems and policies for promoting intf

egrated?? urban-rural development, and speeding up the modernization of agriculture and ??rural areas. Xi demanded efforts to guarantee an adequate supply of food with s??table prices for urban residents and ensure sufficient income for rural people.?? Calling the anti-virus fight a "test" for governance over the Party, Xi urged ??better Party building work at all levels.BEIJING, March 27 -- Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Comm??unist Party of China (C1

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PC) Central Committee, on Friday chair??ed a leadership meeting to analyze the COVID-19 response and ??economic performance. The meeting of the Political Bureau of ??the CPC Central Committee made new arrangements on coordinati??ng the COVID-19 response and economic and social development.?m

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?It also deliberated on two reports on poverty eradication. T??he meeting came two days after Xi presided over a meeting of ??the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Cen??tral C0

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